Monday, July 12, 2010

Watching Live Cricket for Free

If you love watching cricket, and live in a place like the USA, and miss watching live cricket games because they are not shown in free-to-air television, do not despair. There are lot of sites out there that stream live video, all you need to do know how to find them. In most cases, you don't need to install special software.

Live cricket streaming sites

These sites use flash. So if you can view videos in youtube, you are all set to watch live cricket. The following sites are pretty good at updating their site. They have live streams of most cricket matches around the world.

TVU Player

TVU player is a great player for watching live streams. Its awesome to watch cricket as well. I find it much more stable than the flash streaming sites. Especially, when network gets slow around peak times.
  • First install TVU Player from
  • After installation, open the player and you'll see a sports tab. Click on that. You'll get all the channels that stream sports.
  • In the search box, search for "Cricket", which should bring up the channels that stream crcket.
  • Usually, "Teezcricket" Chanel is pretty good, if its online.


GreenCap said...

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Web Cric said...

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